We all have our top apps on our phones, most of them we heard about via a friend or a colleague, but none of them will tell you about pokie apps that are good. Those are hidden like a well-kept secret for some reason. Perhaps no one want’s to expose their hobby, or maybe there is another reason behind it, who knows. The fact is that good iPhone pokies app aren’t easy to find. Luckily you’re on the right path to find out which ones are worth your time.

Jackpot cityJackpot City

This is by far the best-rated pokies app on the market. With over 100 pokie games including poker, roulette, black jack and other, the biggest problem you’ll have is to choose your favorite one. Colorful display and easy-to-navigate system will leave you playing pokies for hours!


With over 140 themed slot machines you’ll have plenty of choices to pick your favorite one. It’s impossible to stick to only one, so why not try them all while you’re at it? It works great on your iPhones, and you won’t experience crashes like with other ones.

Slot Machine

Don’t get fooled by the simplicity of its name. This app was nominated more than once for best pokies app on iPhone in 2011 and 2013. Find out why everyone’s been talking about it in online gambling forums.

Slots Farm

Slots farmAlthough it has considerably fewer slot machines, it offers great prizes. Only for downloading it you’ll get 500 coins, and we all know how much starting budget matters. You wouldn’t want to start spending your money the minute you start playing. One after another, you won’t stop until you try them all.

Slot Fever

Enjoy in Las Vegas themed slot machines as every single one is as fun to play on as the last one. It’s quite simple, match four fruit types and get a jackpot! Check them all and find your favorite one to spend hours and hours playing pokies. Just as the name suggests, once you start playing you’ll get a fever until you hit that jackpot.

Spin Palace

This great app gives you a classy look while playing it, as everything about it makes you feel as if you’re playing on a real one in a casino. So grab your favorite drink and start earning money. With over 30 slots you won’t know which one to play on first.

Slot BonanzaSlot Bonanza

If you haven’t found your favorite pokies app on your iPhone yet, this one will get your attention at least. One of the things that makes a casino so appealing are the flashing light, and this app has plenty. Great graphics will make your gambling experience unforgettable, and the bonuses that you’ll gain with each jackpot will keep you playing it for many hours. The only problem you’ll have is finding the time for other things in your life, as this one is extremely addictive.