Every once in a while we see Twitter posts related to online gambling and judging by the number of their followers we can say that they are getting more popular each day. And although there is nothing wrong with posting authentic online gambling related posts, it does when the validity of that information questions. Recently we’ve noticed that there is a lot of fake profiles on Twitter that has amassed huge numbers of followers. The reason behind questioning their authenticity is due to the links they attack to their posts. This way of using social media is extremely harmful to pokie industry mainly because pokie players are losing their confidence in the pokies industry.

Online pokie playersNumbers of Online Pokie Players in Decline.

The biggest reason why we don’t see that much pokie players on gambling servers is that of false advertisement as seen on social media like Twitter and Facebook. How does it affect players? Once you start playing pokies online, you’ll want to find as many useful information about servers, gambling techniques and on other relevant topics on social media. The problem occurs when this information turns out to be false or fake. This is when people start to lose trusts in online pokies games. Many have been misinformed into thinking that those links on Twitter Pokies account are legitimate and that you can either play on those servers or that you can get free chips and prizes by playing on their servers.

The Effects of Misleading Information.

True pokie players that are in online gambling for a while know which servers offer prizes and which are fake, but some of us don’t. And the easiest way to get that information is by following certain pages on social media. Once they find out that those are fake, they lose trust in pokies industry. But fewer players means more money for us? Not exactly, for pokies industry to survive, they need money to cover the expenses, so you can’t expect to see pokies servers in the future if the numbers of players are in decline. For you to win someone needs to lose, and not all of that money goes to you. A portion of that income goes to server maintenance costs and other expenses needed to keep the servers running. So without more players on pokie servers, we can’t expect to see more of online casino websites.